OEI nr 2 2018 (80)

OEI nr 2 2018 (80)

250 SEK
  • Your body is my body is your body (some notes for a preface)
  • Guincho meeting
  • Ernesto de Sousa: From the void to pro vocation
  • Ernesto de Sousa: project-Ideas
  • Alternativ Zero (preparatory sketches for the catalogue, documentations, floorpan, posters...)
  • Ernesto de Sousa A conscious creation of situations
  • José Miranda justo: A meditative flow on Ernesto de Sousa´s conception of modernity(...)
  • Ernesto de Sousa: graphic arts, vehicle o intimacy
  • Isabel Alves: About the Ernesto de Sousa poster collection
  • Posters
  • Ernesto de Sousa: An exercis of poetical communication
  • m fl texter