Paletten nr 1 2017 (307)

120 SEK
  • Editorial
  • Ina Blom: Disaster Memory
  • Mårten Björk: Care Against Death: Life and Catastrophe
  • Sinziana Rovini: Desiring Disasters
  • Sinziana Ravini: Interview with Pamela M Lee about Disasters, Disruptions and New Forms of Resistances
  • Frida Sandström: Conversation with Gülsün Karamustafa
  • Jovana Nedeljkoviç & Henrik Andersson: What is to be Commemorated?
  • Maja Hammarén: What if...
  • Kerstin STakemeier: Catastrophic Reproduction: Science Fictions on the Far Side of the Subekct
  • Josefine Wikström: When the object and Praxis Meet
  • Emma Bexell: In Vitro Vita-Embryos of Posthumanity
  • Cristoher Yggdre; The Vermin Apocalypse
  • Steven Cuzner: Under the Influence
  • Jacquelyn Davis: The Strike and Silence
  • Anna Kravets: Éternel Retour: The Art of Lost Opportunities
  • Thomas Millroth & Patrik HAggren: Communist Décor
  • King Barney Parsons: Another Night at the Tavern Script for a Drag Show
  • Michele Masucci: At the End, Someone has to say it
  • Patricia Sequeira Brás: Crisis and Catastrophe in Contemporary Video Art and Cinema
  • Ana Koncul: Not Bad enough: Negotiating the Death Desire
  • Anton Göransson: The Aesthetics of Interruption and the Technique of Nearness in Walter Benjamin
  • Dominique Ristori: Hans Castorp in Fukushima
  • Pär Thörn: Eradicate the Pasti Futuristisk Front and Efficienza
  • Tova Gerge: The Infection
  • Frida Sandström: Frameworking
  • Jacob Lillemose: This is (Not) the End, Three Post-Disaster Scenarios
  • Radenko Milak & Roman Uranjek: DAtes
  • Theodor Ringborg: Omer Fast and the Image is Present
  • Sofia Wiberg & Stina Nyberg: The Practice of Listening
  • Contributors
  • (Inside cover) Gregory Scholette
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